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Descent 3 - Product Features

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Descent 3 Product Features

From the innovative 360-degree 3D technology
to a new control system, gamers face a new challenge as they attempt to conquer a new way to play first-person action games.

True physics modeling

includes better collision detection, secondary physical effects, and varying degrees of gravity per world.

Every creature has personality
that will get under your skin, and its AI is tailored to its unique environment.

In-depth, environmentally diverse levels
with multiple objectives for each mission.

An all-new, dual-environmental engine
allows seamless, real-time transitions between detailed internal and external environments.

New, real-time lighting model
capable of colored, volumetric, and specular lighting effects which graphically enhance the experience.

Fly New ships,
complete with their own unique performance characteristics, graphical appearances, and abilities.

New weapons including a napalm cannon
(a flame thrower device used to incinerate an opponent).

Create, play through, and trade your own custom levels
/missions with the new Descent 3 mission builder.

Multiplayer support over LAN, modem, or TCP/IP.

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