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Descent 3: Mercenary
Haven't quite achieved that plasma fix yet? Outrage has the answer....!

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Mercenary   is an outstanding achievement worthy to be in anyone's collection who devoted anything close to a significant portion of their free time to Descent 3. If you haven't picked up either of these yet, and like first person shooters, you're missing out on some serious bonding time between you and your PC. Run out,
grab yourself a nice crispy joystick, and then flip on the answering machine. You're gonna be here for awhile.
-- Rich Rouse.

January 24, 2000
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Flamethrower gets his hands on a copy of Descent 3 at
Flamethrower gets a hot new PC and decides to check out Descent 3.

"the eye-candy is astonishing, the glint on the windshield, the rain splatters, the fabulous use of color, the joyously OTT weapons, light halos..."

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  PC Gamer

Number 45
In PC Gamers Readers Poll of their All Time Top 50 Games Descent grabbed the # 45 spot.
"Six degrees of freedom, and six times as much fun as any of those wannabe first-person shooters."
-Tim Byron, Reno, NV
PC Gamer
April 2000
Vol.7 No.4


  Game Revolution
Named an Editors Choice
January 17, 2000
Descent 3 has been named a "PC Editor's Choice" in Game Revolution's "Best of 1999" awards.
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  Revolution Report Card
+ Kick-Ass Gameplay
+ Kick-Ass Graphics
+ Kick-Ass Sound
+ Kick-Ass Multiplayer
+ Kick-Ass AI
+ Kick-Ass
- Complex Controls
- May Make You Vomit
- Just Not Quite Revolutionary
+ This Game Kicks Much Ass!
Did I say that already?

Ben Silverman - Editor
Game Revolution

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Descent 3 nabs the SS Award from! "The game is a textbook example of how to produce a thrilling, action-packed sequel. If you missed it, you must have it, so go get it!
Jan. 06/00
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  GameSpot UK
GameSpot UK gives Descent 3 the number 55 spot in its review of the Millennium's top 100 games!
Review - Jan. 06/00
See what they say!!


  Game Forces
5 out of 5
"Descent 3 is so good, it will remain on your hard drive for years. With fantastic single player and multiplayer to boot, a gamer couldn't ask for more. Even with steep competition, Descent 3 is an easy candidate for Action Game of the Year."
Eric "Major Bumsore" Jacques
Dec. 04/99

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MacGamer gives Descent3 4.5 out of 5
"Descent 3 proudly takes its place among the best shooters ever to come to the Macintosh"
Duane Johnson, MacGamer
Dec. 22/99

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"D3 is one of the most quality games to come out this year, undeniably."
Review - Dec. 21/99
Descent 3 voted runner up game of the year at GameSpy

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  Adrenaline Vault
5 Stars! - Reviewer's Choice at the Adrenaline Vault
Descent 3 is a technical tour de force filled with design wizardry. From the robust graphics and finely tuned interface to the smart computer-controlled opponents and mission design, this game radiates talent.
David Laprad, the Adrenaline Vault
July 1/99
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  Gaming Age
Descent once again has pushed the envelope... one of the most beautiful titles I have ever played on my computer... Descent 3 is a title that excels beyond my wildest expectations.
Ryan Thompson, Gaming Age
July 1/99

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9 out of 10 rating!
It improves in almost every conceivable way on its predecessors and reestablishes the series as the premier example of the play style it single-handedly pioneered.
Gamespot, Erik Wolpawt
Review - June 28/99
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  CNET Game Center
9 out of 10 Rating - Gamecenter Editors' Choice.
"One of the best action games you'll ever play."
"Descent 3 is an amazing, beautiful, overwhelming, stunning, jaw-dropping box of thrills. It's like a whole book of E-tickets, a roller coaster in your backyard, or your own private F-16. If I can catch my breath, I might call it the most exciting action game I've ever played."
Tom Chick, CNET
Review - June 24/99
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9 out of 10
"With its added story elements, new play features and improved game engine, Descent 3 has clearly distinguished itself from its other 'descentants' and is one of the best vehicular shooters I have ever played. If you're a big fan of the series, or just a fan of the genre, Descent 3 is a must have. In fact, don't even bother reading below, I gave it a nine.
Go out and buy it."
Jay Boor, IGN
June 14/99
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4.5 Stars!
This is one of the most improved sequels I have ever played.
The Gimp,

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4 Stars!
"Near-perfect upgrade of a boundary-breaking shooter ... the game is nearly perfect."
Mitch Eatough, the Gamepen
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  Strategy Plus
"...Those who liked the first two games will absolutely love Descent 3."


  PC Accelerator Magazine
"Descent 3 really raises the bar and creates the same addictive feeling (but with upgraded gameplay) that made the original such a hit."
Jason D'Aprile, PC Accelerator Magazine.
On the Cover, article starts on page 74


  Next Generation
5 Stars! "It doesn't get much better than this."
"Although Descent 3 is a sequel by definition it feels as original as any newcomer, while at the same time remaining faithful to the premises and strengths of its predecessors. Outrage has made our job simple. It doesn't get much better than this."
Next Generation Issue #56
On the Cover, article starts on page 86


  PC Accelerator Magazine
9 out of 10
"There have been a number of games trying to snatch the sci-fi shooter throne from the Descent series, but make no mistake and accept no substitutions, the real deal is back, and it's terrific."
Jason D'Aprile, PC Accelerator Magazine.
On the Cover, article starts on page 74


  ReviewBoard Magazine
"Final Word about Descent 3: Buy it."
It ranks 3 Stars here (the best rating we have), and I'm going to break a rule and give it Editor's Choice Award right now. It is certainly the best game I've played this year and I'm awarding it Editor's Choice award for Best Shooter."
Philip Ferreira, ReviewBoard Magazine


  PC Format
Sing hosanna and thank the Lord for Descent 3...Descent 3 rocks!"
PC Format


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