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For all technical support issues regarding Descent, Descent II, and Descent 3 please contact Interplay. This link will take you to our support contact pages. Below are some frequently asked questions and links that may save you the time of contacting someone at tech. support. These questions & answers will be updated and added to so be sure to check back often.


Questions and Answers     Updated - September 20, 2005

Q: What is the Unofficial D3 Version 1.5 Patch? Should I use it?
A: This 1.5 patch is unofficial, incomplete and unsupported. There are no guarantees for the patch's stability or functionality. The unofficial 1.5 patch is not compatible with version 1.4 nor is it compatible with the Mac or Linux clients. That being said, some players and game servers are using this unofficial beta patch as it does contain some playability fixes. Use at your own risk.

Q: I have Windows. I don't know which patch to download, the patch isn't working, or I can't start Descent 3 because it will not recognize my CD in the drive. What do I do?
A: Try the following steps. If it still doesn't work, email
1. Download the D3 NOCD Version 1.4 Patch.
2. Double click on the file you downloaded.
3. When it asks you, type in the location where you installed Descent 3 (eg. C:\Games\Descent3)
4. After it finishes, the game should now work.
5. If you get an error during the patching process, email

Q: I have the Dual-Jewel version of Descent 3, and when I try to install any of the patches, the installation terminates with an error message stating: 'Old File Not Found'. What do I do?
A: The Dual-Jewel release (and some other more recent releases) of Descent 3 contains a slightly newer revision of the game that the patches are unable to recognize. To resolve this issue, please do the following:

1. First try installing the D3 NOCD Version 1.4 as described above.
2. If that didn't work, uninstall Descent 3 and reinstall it to the default directory.
3. Download and run d3_us_1.0_djfix.exe and extract it to the directory the game was installed to.
4. Install the most recent patch for Descent 3 (d3_us_1.4_patch.exe).

Q: How do I find out what version of Descent 3 I am using?
A: The header at the top of the readme file states the version of Descent 3 that you are using. You can access the readme file by executing the readmeviewer.exe program in the Descent 3 install directory.

Q: I get a crash on level 10 in the same place (at the data uplink center)?
A: This is a problem with version 1.3.x of Descent 3. Try updating to version 1.4.

Q:I'm getting a black screen when I hit play from the launcher! Whats up with that?
A:Usually this occurs when your 3d card has bad drivers or is not a supported card, but still shows up in the 3d device list. There are two things to do in this situation:
1. Find out what chipset your card has and make sure it is supported by d3 (see the supported cards list). If its not on the list then you are out of luck.
2. If it is supported, then head over to the website for the chipset manufacturer and get the latest drivers for the card. They should have complete instructions for installing the drivers. Usually getting the 'reference' drivers from the chipset manufacturer is the best option since they are most frequently updated.

Q:I have an ATI Rage Pro card and some of the windows are opaque when they should be transparent?
A: Yep. This is an issue with ATI cards that can't really be fixed. The Rage 128 also exhibits this behavior to some degree but you can generally see the transparent windows properly from certain angles. The workaround for this is to add the command line argument -norenderwindows, which will not render the windows at all. To get past level 2 you need to see through the window into the chemical room so this is highly recommended (at least for level 2 play). UPDATE: the newest rage pro drivers bring them up to the compatibility level of the rage 128 - basically now you can see through windows if you look at the right angle..

Q: I'm stuck on level x in place y!! Help!!
Try using your guidebot. Pressing F4 will bring up the menu. If you follow the guidebot you can get through most of the levels without too much trouble. There are a few puzzles and tricks the little fella can't show you though. If you are really stuck, check out the D3 strategy guide from Brady Games or surf over to GameSpot at

Q:I got a crash!
Sorry about that. When you get a crash it will make a file called "error.log" in your D3 directory. If you have a crash pretty frequently, try deleting the error.log file and then making the crash occur so it just has the log for that one particular crash. Send that file, along with a description of what was happening in the game, to

Q:My guidebot gets confused on level 12 because of a missing goal?
Unfortunately a patch to fix this is difficult to do (and would be a HUGE download) because it is a problem with the data files in the game, not the executable. The level is fully finishable but you're on your own for the last goal. Check out GameSpot for a walkthrough if you are having trouble finishing this one.

Q: I get a bluescreen crash in WSIPX.VXD?
This is a strange bug in windows, that for some reason, when we ask the system what network devices are available, it will crash on some computers. If you use IPX protocol on your network normally, uninstalling and then reinstalling the drivers will fix the problem. If you don't, just go ahead and remove them. They can be accessed from the Control Panel -> Network

Q: What is this talk about a hardware 3d card? Is my card supported? Is there a software option?
A 3d accelerator card is designed for very fast rendering of shapes to the screen, on a separate chip from your main processor, allowing for more and better graphics while letting your computer do more with robots and sound and other exciting stuff. Many cards these days and many newer computers have 3d hardware support, but not all of them. Here is a list of supported cards and the website where you can get the latest reference drivers for them. Software rendering is unfortunately just too slow to be playable.


Chipset Manufacturer Website Notes
Voodoo1, Voodoo2, Voodoo3, Banshee, Voodoo Rush, Voodoo4, Voodoo5 3dfx Interactive Use "Glide" mode for the best performance with these cards.
TNT, TNT2, GeForce Series nVidia Use "OpenGL" mode for the best performance with these cards.
G200, G400, G450, G550, P650, P750, Parhelia Matrox Try "Direct3d" mode. Turn on bump mapping with the -bumped command line argument.
Rage Pro, Rage 128, Radeon Series ATI Use "OpenGL" mode for the best performance with these cards. Glass is only transparent from some angles with the Rage Pro and Rage 128.
Velocity 128 STB   This is a legacy card from before stb was bought by 3dfx. Try using the -superlowmem flag to help compensate for the lower ram.
Savage3D,Savage4 S3 "Direct3d" mode seemed better in testing than OpenGL, although that was several years ago and the drivers are probably improved since then.
Intel Extreme Graphics 2 Intel "OpenGL" mode should run the game smoothly. Use the "-nomultitexture" command line option to fix the flickering effect. Although Descent 3 runs fine, the Windows desktop may become corrupted after exiting the game. This may require a system reboot to fix. "Direct3D" also runs, but many of the menu graphics are corrupted and illegible. Playing using "Direct3D" will *NOT* corrupt the Windows Desktop. This is a newer video chipset that apparently does not support some of the features needed for Descent 3.

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